Leading Between The Lines
Leadership, Legos,
& Love

Hello and welcome to Leading Between The Lines, a blog intended to motivate and inspire the leader at work, at home, and in the community. I'm Nicole, former sales executive, turned small business owner, and rookie mom to the coolest kid I know.

It wasn't until I survived a divorce and entered the world of single motherhood that I truly understood the meaning of leadership.

In both my corporate and entrepreneurial life, I've experienced firsthand the impact of dynamic leadership. But no professional accomplishment has compared to each little victory my toddler and I share every day.

In documenting my escapades, I candidly discuss the delicate balance of work and life, the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, real-world communication strategies that strengthen relationships, and the importance of culture and team dynamics on an organization.

I hope that this blog will create a community of entrepreneurs, executives, managers, activists, board members, volunteers, coaches, teachers, and parents who are inspired to lead with their heart.

Thank you for letting me share my journey with you.