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Budget Hack For The Millenial Mom: How I Save An Extra $5,000 Per Year

Budget. We all have one, and it determines whether or not you can do something. As a single mom, one of the biggest struggles I face is financial. In the day and age of the two-income household, running one on your own can be terrifying. Once I was on my own with my toddler, it didn’t take long before anxiety over our financial future completely took over. So, I decided to take a deep dive into my household budget to see where I could trim the fat.

Motherhood: Life, Love, And The Pursuit Of Perfection

Like many first-time moms, I felt completely overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility of parenthood, and I struggled with insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. I felt the constant pressure of too much to do with too little energy, causing me to lose patience with everyone, especially my son. The chronic sense of failure would often have me reminiscing about my own childhood.

4 Effective Meetings That Actually Produce Results

Over the course of my corporate career, I’ve sat in my fair share of meetings that left me feeling inconvenienced and uninspired. Once I became a small business owner, I designed my own communication strategy with efficiency and impact in mind. These meeting formats have helped me build a strong company culture and develop a dynamic team that's delivered results year after year.

The Biggest Mistake A Boss Can Make & The Lesson I Learned The Hard Way

We're all so multifaceted, juggling work, family, romance, etc. We do our best to keep all the balls in the air and prevent a challenge in one area from affecting the others. But what if the key to success is not in compartmentalizing, but rather in embracing all the facets that make us a whole human, and sharing that person with the people in our lives?

4 Steps To Achieving A Happier & More Fulfilled Life

Fulfillment, meaning, purpose- it all seems like an elusive desire we are all chasing. But true happiness is attainable when you know how to find it and choose to embrace it.

Miss Independent? How I Learned To Reconnect After Divorce

I did a pretty good job of avoiding loneliness. I kept busy and when I wasn’t busy, there were always friends and family around. And yet, those were the times I felt the most isolated. There’s nothing like being in a room full of people and not feeling connected to a single one.

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Hi I'm Nicole, former sales executive, turned small business owner, and rookie mom to the coolest kid I know.

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